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mencari class baking yang bersesuaian? semak senarai class szcutesweet seperti dibawah ini :

Class apam Polkadot, apam bercorak ladybird dan apam bercorak strawberry. (Yuran RM 150)

Student bawa balik apam2 yg dihasilkan.
Akan diajar cara mengadun.menyukat bahan dgn betul serta teknik mghasilkan apam yg gebu , sedap dan wangi!
(Wajib belajar 3 jenis corak.harap maklum.tq)

Class biskut pelangi lidah kucing.
(Yuran RM 160)
dapat 1pcs loyang lidah kucing isian 32 keping biskut.
Setiap student dpt bawa balik biskut yg dihasilkan.

Class Cupcakes Theme Candy Crush (Yuran RM160)
Belajar bake vanilla cupcakes
Belajar mengunakan topping fresh cream
Menghias mgunakan fondant.
Every Student bring back home 16 pcs cupcakes.

Class Barbie Doll Cake (Yuran RM 180)

Bake vanilla cake .
Learn how to used fresh cream as a topping.

Learn how to trim the cake.

Class Basic Fondant and Deco Cupcake (Yuran RM 200)
Learn how to make fondant mix and decorate your own cupcakes with simple technique and i will teach u how to make royal icing.
1. Bouquet of Flowers
2. Butterfly

3. Baby Bip
4. Hat
5. Alphabet.
Plus 3 more designs....Mushrooms, simple roses & racing car.

Contact us thru :
Whatsapp 0126523982 atau 0105018236

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hot Sale Apam Polka Dot

100 biji RM30.00

Pilihan Inti~ Blueberry~ Strawberry~ Coklat~ Kaya
Harga tidak termasuk kos penghantaran.
color can mix..any color.u can mix 2 flavour also.
...order sms 012-652-3982


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Custom Design Cakes/Cupcakes/Cookies are charged based on the design intricacy, ingredients, tools, skills, labour etc.Weight/ingredients is not the main factor to determine any custom design cake price. It can take hours and up to several days to complete. It needs a lot of creativity, patience & passion.. It's not 'Just Cakes', It's Edible Art Sugarcraft.

All my products are fresh baked to order & does not contain any preservatives.
For Buttercream cakes, 3-4 days at room temperature, 7-10 days refrigerated (in an airtight container)
Do NOT refrigerate Fondant Cakes, it will 'sweat' and sometimes the colour might bleeds.

When to order?
At least 2 weeks in advance. The earlier the better. No, i don't start baking your cake that early. I need to arrange and plan my order schedule, get all the ingredients/ materials/packaging ready. For sugar artwork and flowers i will have to limit my order intake for that week to give a full focus & concentration. Last minute orders are subject to time restraints & slot availabilty.

Available for Selangor & Kuala Lumpur areas only. Charges is based on locations/ address, inclusive of petrol, time to & fro, effort, tols , parking. Subject to availability & my schedule. Unfortunately special delivery can't be made to follow customer's time.
Rates from RM10-RM40